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Watch Transformers: Age of Extinction Online

The human race tries to recover after the events from Transformers, Dark of the Moon, and the Autorobots and the Deceptionists become the center of interest for an ancient and strong civilization of the Transformers. This is the main plot, but for the fans of the series, it is not that important. If you watch Transformers: Age of Extinction online, you will probably discover one of the best movies that you have ever seen, with incredible effects and with a fast paced action. Transformers is one of the most successful franchise because it is a movie designed for all ages, and this last title of the series will surely not disappoint.

Watch Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) online free: the successful box office

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Transformers has the goal to break all the box office records. With a good name behind it and with the popularity of the character, they might just do it. however, movies that are expected to perform might disappoint, so you will have to watch Transformers: Age of Extinction online for free, to decide if this is the movie for you.

Some fans are disappointed about the third movie of the series, because the actor was a novice, and because the screenplay is a little spicy. Mark Wahlberg is one of the rising stars of Hollywood, so there are no comments there for people that want to give a chance to the new Hollywood faces. Many say that changing the main actor in a movie ruins it, and this is the real challenge of the producers. Even so, they did a great job in trying to minimize the effects of the change, by highlighting the technical details of the movie.

As we are talking about technicals, it is an IMAX and 3D movie, so prepare to be amazed when the machineries will surround you in the cinema hall. The movie is based on the Transformers cartoons, so we can talk about one of the longest franchise in the history of Hollywood.

The screenplay is made by the same Ehren Kruger, which is responsible for writing the action since Revenge of the Fallen. The director Michael Bay was convinced to make this one also, and the executive producer remains Steven Spielberg, the name that gives the reputation of the movie. The Dinoribots appear in this movie for the first time.

Transformers 4 is filming since 2013, in some great locations such as the Monument Valley. The action takes place in China also, but the producers preferred to use McCormick Place to create the atmosphere there. there will be two new Autorobots, and some other new characters. Other places for filming were Detroit and Chicago, but also some unknown places that will be revealed after the production.

Whether you like the fact that the main actors were changed or not, you will have to see it if you are the fan of Transformers, if not for the actors, at least for the special effects and for the name of the franchise.

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