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Watch Think Like a Man Too Online

Another cliché based on the classical Wedding in Las Vegas theme? Aren’t we bored of that? Maybe you should watch Think Like a Man Too online to give it a chance, before considering it a bad movie. The couple in this movie just got back from Las Vegas, and now they are planning a romantic getaway, which will end up being something completely different. Why? You need to watch Think Like a Man Too online free to laugh about it, but we can tell you from the start that this movie comes with some good comedy scenes.

The movie is the anticipated adaptation of the novel Think Like a Man, the continuation of Act Like a Lady. Both books were written by the talented Steve Harvey, and the screenplay writers tried to recreate the charm of the Harvey’s world. If they managed to do so, it is for you to decide if you watch Think Like a Man Too (2014) online for free.

Michael Ealy is an uprising star of Hollywood, so distributing him as the main character Dominic was a great idea. He completes Adam Brody, which plays Isaac, but he also gets along just fine with Meagan Good. The distribution is inspired, making the movie an anticipated event.


If you liked the first movie back in 2012, you will surely like this one. the main idea is to follow the destinies of four couples, each one having its own charm and problems. There is a the mama’s boy which annoys the girlfriend, there is the non-committer which always has a reason not to get involved too much emotionally, but there is also the dreamer which can’t do anything right just because he dreams too much. maybe the most interesting character is the Player, which changes one girl after another just because he can.

The women in the movie are also well highlighted. In fact, the movie would have been a lot worse without the charming feminine apparitions. Think Like A Man exploits a new concept of movies, in which relationships are seen from a unique but interesting perspective. A great movie to watch if you have some divergences with your girlfriend, to see how you can get passed those without too many “damages”. It is the perfect Friday evening experience, so you can watch it online after a romantic dinner. Don’t worry, as the movie is the perfect stimulant for what could happen after…

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