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Watch The Purge: Anarchy Online

If you love to watch movies in the genres of horror and thriller, there is some good news for you. You can now see The Purge: Anarchy, an excellent horror and thriller movie that will keep you glued to your seat for its entire duration. This is actually a sequel to The Purge that was released in 2013. The movie has been directed by James DeMonaco and also written by him. The stars of the movie are Kiele Sanchez, Frank Grillo, and Michael K. Williams. You can watch The Purge: Anarchy (2014) online in the comfort of your home.

The plot of the movie is new and very interesting. Everything in the society is going smoothly with low crime rate and peace prevailing all over. However, authorities shut down all law enforcement agencies for 12 hours in a night every year to allow criminals a free for all. Every citizen is at the mercy of the robbers and other criminals and they have to fend for themselves. No one can approach a police station as al police stations remain closed for these 12 hours annually. The same is the case with hospitals and courts with no work done here. This means that all criminals have a license to indulge n all sorts of criminal activities and they can carry out all crimes without the fear of the authorities. If this much interests you, you can watch The Purge: Anarchy online free to have all the thrill and excitement.

With no help coming from the authorities and no emergency services available, citizens remain very fearful as the night of Purge begins and nearly everyone has a desire to be safely tucked inside their homes before this night. It is in these circumstances that a couple finds itself stranded on the streets because their car runs out of gas. They have no chance of getting back into the safety of their home as they hear the radio of their car announce the commencement of the night of the Purge. They leave their car and try to make it back to their home but they find that they are being surrounded by criminals on bikes. Watch The Purge: Anarchy online for free to experience the thrill of this wonderful horror film.

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The hapless couple has no choice but to confront these criminals as they try for their survival. There is no security system working in the city and the entire area is a virtual war zone with criminals at large, engaging in all sorts of criminal activities at their will. Another character named Leo takes advantage of this lawlessness as he goes out on the streets to take revenge on a man who had earlier killed his son, daughter, and mother. Another couple Eva and Cali have had to run out of their home as it has been assaulted by criminals. These people meet each other on the streets and try to survive on this annual Purge night. Watch this absolute crime thriller to have all the fun and entertainment at home.

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