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The Boss Baby (2017): Out and Out Fun

The Boss Baby is the latest animated movie in the genres of family drama and comedy. It is a wonderful offering from director Tom McGrath based upon a story written by Marla Frazee. The screenplay of the movie has been written by Michael McCullers. Even though they have only given voices to main characters of baby and mother, it is for the first time since 1994 (Friends) that Alec Baldwin and Lisa Kudrow have come together for a project. The movie is nonstop entertainment as it describes the story of a baby who dons suit and tie and carries a briefcase in a bid to stop the CEO of Puppy Co from implementing his dastardly plot. Watch The Boss Baby online to have loads of fun and entertainment with your friends in the comfort of your own home.
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The baby in this movie is a bit unusual. He wears suits and speaks in the voice of Alec Baldwin. The story is narrated by a 7 year old boy Tim who describes the incidents in a very funny manner. He tells audience how the arrival of this naughty baby has brought an upheaval in the family. This movie carries a rating of PG and it is meant to entertain the whole family including the kids. Tim is actually a grown up man today but he is telling the story when he was a 7 year old boy. He says how he felt jealous of his baby brother who is referred to as Baby Boss in the movie. Baby Boss goes out on a mission to win back affection of his parents when he learns about the sinister plan of CEO Francis E. Francis.

Baby Boss joins hands with his elder brother to destroy this plot and to restore the balance of love in the world. The two brothers unite to save their parents. Watch The Boss Baby (2017) online to have unlimited free fun at home.

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