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Are you stressed out because of work or feeling bored having nothing to do? Then you must watch Tammy, a comedy movie starring Melissa McCarthy. The movie has been directed by Ben Falcone who has also co written the screenplay along with her wife Melissa who plays the central character of Tammy in the movie. This is one movie that will help in busting your stress and make you laugh and chuckle uncontrollably. Watch Tammy online in the comfort of your home along with friends to enjoy a fun filled evening.

Tammy (2014) Poster
As the name implies, the movie is all about Tammy who works at a burger eating point. She has messed up at her job and has just been fired. She returns home to seek some comfort only to find that her husband has been cheating on her as he is caught having an intimate meal with her neighbor. Tammy is destroyed as she has nothing in the world to comfort her. She is not just broke but also lost her husband to her neighbor. Her car is broken and all she has is her grandmother Pearl (played by Susan Sarandon). Tammy decides to go out and spend time with her grandma and the pair goes off to see Niagara Falls. This is certainly not the escape that Tammy wants but she has no other option. Watch Tammy (2014) online free to see the action unfold.
The odd looking pair of Tammy and her grandma hits the road and with Pearl supplying the funds, Tammy is able to manage the journey. Tammy realizes that her grandma is an alcoholic despite having diabetes. Instead of having some peace of mind, she finds that she has instead become a baby sitter to her grandmother. Watch Tammy online for free to see the adventure of Tammy with her grandma.

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