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Table Nineteen (2017): Classic Comedy

Table 19 is a must watch movie for you if you love to watch comedy and family dramas. It is a movie written by Jay and Marc Duplass and directed by Jeffrey Blitz. Anna Kendrick plays the central character in the movie while her co stars are Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson, Stephen Merchant, Tony Revolori and Wyatt Russell. Anna plays Eloise McGarry who has been invited to attend a marriage but she finds herself stuck on Table 19 with 5 other guests. These 5 people have arrived even though hosts only reluctantly extended invitations to them and hoped they would not turn up. You will have a blast of a time watching the comic errors and situational comedy that seems to be never ending. Watch Table 19 online to enjoy the movie with your family and friends at home.
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You must be used to seeing marriages that are nothing but giant get-togethers where everyone is happy and overjoyed and thrilled to be a part of all the celebrations and rituals. But what do you do when you find yourself stuck on a table with 5 other single guests who are going through awkward time during the ceremony? You indulge in small talks with individuals who you hardly know only to avoid running into ex boyfriends and girlfriends. This is exactly what has been shown in this movie that is nonstop entertainment for the audiences.

Eloise was actually supposed to attend a wedding as the maid of honour with her boyfriend serving as the best man at the same wedding. But after a break up with boyfriend, she decides to accept the invitation of this marriage. To her dismay, she is asked to be seated on Table Nineteen which is farthest from the bride and the groom and away from the main action. Watch Table 19 online to have a wonderful evening at home with friends and family members.

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