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Power Rangers (2017): Fantasy Comes Alive on Big Screen

This is your moment if you are a big fan of Power Rangers franchise. If you have been avidly watching all the episodes of Power Rangers on television, you can now see your favourite characters on the silver screen. Yes, director Dean Israelite has worked hard in conjunction with writer John Gatins who has done the screenplay to bring the story of Power angers alive on the big screen. The movie stars Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Becky G., Naomy Scott, Caroline Cave, and Dacre Montgomery to recreate the magic of Power Rangers as a full movie for theatres. Watch Power Rangers (2017) online to have a wonderful time at home along with friends and family.

Super powers of the rangers to the rescue of their small town
You get to see your favourite characters such as the Pink Ranger, the Yellow Ranger, the Red Ranger, and the Black Ranger and the collective efforts to fight the alien forces hell bent on destroying their city namely Angel Grove and the world at large. The fact is that these rangers are actually ordinary High School students who are blessed with various super powers. The action sequences in the movie are amazing and keep you glued to the edge of your seat when you see the stunts in the movie.

Power Rangers Poster
The great direction of Dean Israelite coupled with a tight script means the movie does not wander from its chosen path. All the actors have delivered brilliant performances to make the debut of Power Rangers on the silver screen a very memorable one. Watch Power Rangers (2017) online to save your hard earned money and also to beat the rush at the movie theatres. See how a few ordinary High School students rise to the occasion to save their small town Angel Grove from being destroyed by threat posed by alien powers.

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