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Watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 Online

The new adventures of Hiccup are awaited in 2014, and we are sure that they will be great. Dreamworks made a great thing with this title, and it seems like forever since 2010, when the first movie was released. The first movie was a thrilling story with feelings and actions, and we need to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 online, because we are sure that the movie will offer the same great experiences.

It has been five years since the Vikings and the dragons live peacefully on the Berk island. While their friends race in dragon courses, Hiccup flies in the skies, travelling where no one has gone before. One of their adventures brings them on a cave filled with wild dragons leaded by a mysterious leader, and the peace is endangered once more. Hiccup and his friends must fight again for their beliefs, hoping that they have the power to change the world once again. if they will manage it, well, you will have to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 online free if you want to see that happening.

how-to-train-your-dragonWhat is interesting about the new movie is that it exploits a completely new age for the main character. Hiccup is a teenager in the first part, and now the challenges are bigger than a simple fight with humans. there are big chances for the hero to discover love, and if he doesn’t, his position about what happens will be a little different. Hollywood tries to change How To Train Your Dragon in a franchise, and Dreamworks has the power to do that. Practically, we have a completely new character in a familiar context.

The director Dean DeBlois invited the fans to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 online for free because the third one is already in preparations. At the end of the first movie, all the Vikings that were initially isolated on their island discover that they can conquer the entire northern hemisphere by riding the dragons. As Hiccup becomes more and more interested about what happens in this world, the map of known places grows, and they will inevitable find new dragons. Hiccups might even discover America, but the rumor was never confirmed by the producing team.

Our hopes about the sequel are high, especially because deBlois talks more and more about it. the director said that he wants to evolve the story in a way borrowed from the Star Wars. This means that the universe will be enlarged on all the possible dimensions, emotionally, geographically and considering the number of characters. It is surely an improvement, and a reason for the fans to rejoice. How to Train Your Dragon 2 might be better than the first one, simply because the first art was good, but it also left some places for improvements. Well, it is all that we know about the movie now, so if you want to know more, you will only have to watch the movie online and maybe to share your experiences and opinions with us.

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