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Watch 22 Jump Street Online

Is it your comedy weekend already? How about an Action – Comedy, which also has some thriller accents? Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are not the actors that look suited for those kinds of movies, but as long as the producers trusted them, maybe we should also give them some credit. If you want to watch 22 Jump Street (2014) online, you will see one of the thrilling comedies of this year, maybe not because the plot, but because of the actors that play in this movie, and because of the experience of the producers with successful comedy movies.

After finishing with their high school problems, the cops Schmidt and Jenko face the challenges of college, to discover who is behind the drug distribution amongst students. The heroes will have to face many adventures in the rough fight for popularity in the student organizations, hunting clues for their mission at the same time. Brad Pitt also appears in the movie, but it is a small role.

You can watch 22 Jump Street online free if you are looking for more than a comedy. The plot is good enough, and the perspective of returning to college, even if only as a spectator, is surely great for some. Two cops in a college camp? Hunting drug dealers? Well, some students might not agree with that, but be happy that those cops are not in your campus. If you watch 22 Jump Street online for free, you will find out how to stay away from temptations, and you might even learn some things about gaining popularity as the new guy.

22 Jump Street

Even if the action revolves around students, the two main characters manage to make the movie a lot more interesting. There are many secondary characters that contribute to the entire picture, which is actually a pretty good one.

We can consider this movie a comedy, but the detective work is pretty serious in this one. The challenge of this movie is to combine the comedy aspects with the crime and drama elements, to create something interesting for the comedy fans, but which will not bore the fans of crime and thriller movies. The movie takes a big risk with this idea, but Brad Pitt does not approve to play in any bad movie, so we can be sure that this is a great one! Please feel free to tell us your opinion after seeing 22 Jump Street.

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