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Refreshing Chemistry Between Sonakshi And Shahid Hits Headlines

Film fraternity is an interesting place. It intrigues, stimulates and invigorates the minds of the common men. There is something mysterious about the world of entertainment. Glamour and glitz come along with fame. Dreams are made of this. The eye candies and brave hearts are an important part of the lives of most. We cannot blame the rumors, nor can we blame the gossips. The over-active news mills are always abuzz with bits and pieces from the lives of superstars. The ever-changing equations, the breakups, the patch ups and the indifference, create a queer little world, untouched by most.

Refreshing Chemistry Between Sonakshi And Shahid Hits Headlines

The recent news doing the rounds of the film industry is the new-found chemistry between two young people. One being the super dancer Shahid Kapoor, while the other being Junior Shotgun Sonakshi Sinha. The true equation, however, is still under the carpet. But the comfort and proximity, between each other, at Karan Johar’s famous chat show Koffee With Karan, was worth noticing. The common verdict was unanimous. But the question still remains whether the two are ‘just friends’ or more. As they say, there is always more than what meet the eye.

Sonakshi Sinha had attended Karan Johar’s chat show in the third season with the legendary Madhuri Dixit Nene. Shahid Kapoor had attended the chat show in the second season. This season, the story was a lot different. Arguably, when Sonakshi was invited to grace the show, she had refused to attend the same without her “good friend” Shahid. The lady looked gorgeous as ever, in a pink Nikhil Thampi design. The man who sat by her side looked spruce in a grey blazer. After the show had ended, there was a famous tweet from the host of the show, Karan Johar. It read “ Sonakshi and Shahid … and loads of Gandi baat in the show!”

The equation between the two looked refreshing in the show. The pleasant camaraderie between the lead actors of the movie R…Rajkumar turned to be the talk of the town. There were quite a few memorable moments on the show. While Shahid referred to Sonakshi as his best co-star thus far, Sonakshi reciprocated as Shahid being one of her favorite actors. Shahid was at his candid best while the lady maintained her came out as serene and collected. Shahid’s sincere confessions about his exes and doldrums in his career kept the audience glued to the seats. Recently, Shahid’s ex Kareena Kapoor had thrown an affronting comment at Sonakshi stating that the latter was fit to be a housewife. However, as the show was concluding, Shahid subtly defended Sonakshi, by saying that she could be lot better than just a housewife.

The general rule for the film fraternity is to spread a gossip right before or after a movie is released. This creates ruffles in the industry and subsequently increases circulation and revenue of the movie. But for Shahid’s and Sonakshi’s last flick together as lead actors, this was not the case. Insiders from the movie’s cast and crew had managed to notice the increasing fondness between the two actors, during the shoot. There has been news of both sneaking to an after-party of an award show very recently. However, the rumour was denied by the lovely lady.

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