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Abhay Deol Tangled In An Imminent Legal Action By Viacom 18

Abhay Deol has been again facing the rough weather, recently. The talented actor is known for his unusual choices and portrayals of characters. He had always been different from his family, in terms of the roles he dishes out. His sensibility in the selection of characters, wrenches the heart for standing out from the crowd, and for being realistic. His unique cinematic style is magnanimously dissimilar to what most of the current actors portray. His ingenuity seeps through each and every character he has played. Abhay’s boy-next-door image had instantly created his own brand image, with his very first release, Socha Na Tha.


The actor debuted as a producer in his latest flick, One By Two. Unfortunately, the marketing campaign of his first production had not made him a happy man. On the contrary, he had got stuck in an impending court case against him. Viacom 18 has the rights for audio, overseas, theatrical, video and satellite platforms of the movie. The company is sketching to take legal prosecution against the actor. Viacom 18 is expected to demand a compensation of more than Rupees 2 crore from Abhay. However, the actor-turned producer remains unfazed enough, to let go off his ground.

At the recently held Screen Awards, the gifted actor won numerous hearts, for sporting a “black eye” in protest of the ongoing farce. The black eye effect was conjured by the use of makeup. This was his way of speaking that the marketing campaign of his movie had taken a thrashing. The movie One By Two had already hit the theatres on 31st January, but the music of the movie is yet to release. The renowned musical trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is responsible for the composition of the film’s music. Music label company T-series had laid down certain terms and conditions, which the musicians had refused, to abide by.

Abhay Deol has taken a conscious decision of sticking by the musicians and their stand. The music contract between T-series and the musicians is yet to be signed. Hence, the movie released but without the music. T-series intends to keep the royalty of the music. Legally, though, the trio is the rightful recipient of the royalty from the film’s music. On the other hand, Viacom 18 had suffered a significant amount of loss of revenue, due to the non-release of the music. The distribution right for the music could have otherwise fetched the company, a considerable amount of profit. Hence, Viacom 18 will be filing the case against Abhay for the compensation of loss of the expected profit.

The music of the movie was supposed to release on 14th January. However, due to the battle of power, the entire music union has gone against the record labels. The musicians are expected to sign illegal contracts by these companies for letting go off royalty rights of music. Producers are expected to force the musicians, directly or indirectly, to sign these contracts. However, being a debut producer, Abhay has maintained that he can never support the rampant exploitation of artists. The actor believes in justice and in the power of an individual rightful protest. The entire music fraternity is supporting Abhay Deol in his endeavor of securing righteousness.

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